Bear Hunt Information

Korell Outfitters offers two different types of bear hunts. One is the combo bear hunt where we will run the Walker hounds in the morning and sit at baits at night. The other is bait only.

Our hound hunting is done by foot, ATV, or 4 X 4 vehicles until we find a fresh track. Then we unleash our pack of Walker hounds to pursue and catch the animal. Hunting with hounds is our specialty as we have been raising top notch hounds for generations.

For those wanting bait only hunts, we provide multiple active bait sites for each hunter. We start those baits weeks in advance and we have a variety of accessible sites depending on your hiking abilities. 

These are 6 day fully guided hunts. 

Hunter must purchase license and tag. These are available for purchase upon arrival. 

We offer a high percentage of color-phase bear (75%) and have a 95% shot opportunity.

Hunters will either be staying in our completely furnished bunkhouse at our ranch or will be staying in our furnished wall tents on the mountain. That will depend upon hunting conditions, game conditions, and snow levels on the mountain.

Bear Hunt Prices

Dog & Bait Combo Hunt

6 Day Hunt


Price $3,000

**The dogs could possibly become footsore and need to rest a day. If that is the case, we will supplement with spot and stalk instead.

Bait Only Hunt

6 Day Hunt


Price $2,500

To get more information about possible Spot and Stalk Hunts or Fall Bear Hunts, please contact Outfitter.