Cougar & Bobcat Information

Our operating area contains 60 miles of prime winter range on the Payette River which helps our cougar hunts generally be very successful.

Big cats will follow the game herds down the mountain and live on them during the winter months providing excellent hunting opportunities.

We cover these areas via 4x4, snowmobile, or on foot until we find a fresh track. Then we unleash our pack of Walker hounds to pursue and catch the animal. 

Our overall success rate has been 90% with 80% of that on mature toms in the last 15 years. 

These are fully guided hunts. Hunter will stay in our completely furnished bunkhouse located at our ranch.

The hunter must purchase their own license and tags (available for purchase upon arrival). 

There is also the opportunity to hunt a bobcat while on cougar hunts. Please contact outfitter for more information.

Cougar & Bobcat Hunt Prices

Cougar Hunt Only

6 Day Hunt 

Price $6,000

Dates Dec-Jan-Feb

Bobcat Hunt Only 

6 Day Hunt

Price $4,500

Dates Dec-Jan-Feb

Cougar, Bobcat, & Wolf Combo Hunt

10 Day Hunt

Price $8,500

Dates Dec-Jan-Feb